I’m Nicole Dobreva. And I am Bulgarian and I go to one of the most international universities that I know of. I am a student of the 2020 class of NYUAD.


This is the official design of NYUAD2020 class made by Nisala Saheed

Similarly to many of the students I started living in a completely new to me society. I moved from Eastern Europe to the United Arab Emirates, and it is not what I was used to. Life here is very different from back home and I this is true not only for me.

In this blog I will first share my work in a Introduction to Digital Humanities class [the purpose of the creation of this blog].

Other than that I will try to post about the UAE, Abu Dhabi, the university, as I think that there is enough about it on the Internet.

#nyuad #saadiyatisland

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