Living the minimal life

My whole childhood I have been collecting junk. I have been buying and keeping things for no apparent reason at all and then dumping them in my room. When I started living outside of home, mainly hitching around, I realised the value of having a small amount of things, because you must be able to carry them on your back. Fit them in a single backpack and then carry it around with you (thank God for Kindles!). This changed my perception on material things and their use.

Although, I haven’t stopped myself from collecting things and dumping them in my room, it got a lot better on its own. What I posses now in my actual bedroom (back in Bulgaria), are either things from before or things that I haven’t gotten around to throwing out – yet. But moving to university in the UAE made things so much simpler. I had only two suitcases allowed and my obsession with clothes and shoes (they are not junk to me) made sure I won’t be brining in any other items of questionable value.

5 Objects

Thus to describe the atmosphere of my lifestyle here is very easy: my bedroom is white, my sheets are white, my walls are white, my candle is white. As a proper human fitting in the collective all of my things are white, so that is the first very important contributing factor to the atmosphere – a white bed. I have a fluffy light purple blanket, which is to me a symbol of the fact that there is a soul living in the room, and so it is an important part. A laptop next to the pillow to represent the “stay in bed but on the internet” life that I live. The plain above mentioned candle to show my love for the night and fire.

This description of the atmosphere comes quite close to the reality of my bedroom right now. However, there is a part of it that cannot be portrayed but only represented by a symbol – there are clothes literally everywhere, on the floor, on the bed. Everywhere, but the actual wardrobe. So, I decided to represent the openness of my love for clothes by an coat hanger.

In five objects I can give a pretty solid representation to my reality, which makes me feel that I manage to represent the atmosphere quite right.

2 Objects

In order to represent the atmosphere of my bedroom with only two objects I will pick the fluffy blanket and the laptop. This way I am removing the effect of the all-white environment which suggests a room similar to an asylum room, which is key to the atmosphere here. However, I still keep the feeling of solitude and also a suggestion of my window to the world – the laptop.


By using only shapes I can keep the atmosphere of my room. I would use a semi-transparent sphere to replace the room, bed, and blanket, which provides comfort and solitude. On the side of the sphere there will be a rectangular cut, or “window” that will stand for my laptop and my engagement with the world.

I feel that a sphere with a window for an “eye” is quite the popular si-fi concept and quite well resembles both the atmosphere of my room and also my whole being as well.