Sound and Alpha

Opening of a drawer, screeching of a door behind you. I don’t need much more than that to freak out, no visuals, no story – just a noise behind me. Gives me goosebumps even when I play it on my computer from youtube. I love this sound effect because with very small sound you can raise someone’s heart rate like crazy. It is disproportionate and very effective – I love it.

Project –
The project is going super well. My teammates are creating some awesome things in terms of design, sound, and experience. I have very high hopes even for alpha.
My part – making an environment for now, is going also very well because of a free asset that I found which has many, many elements of space that look amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do them on my own for sure. So, I am combining things to make them look pretty, ordering them and mostly trying to fill in all of the space around the user without making the space super full of things. This however poses a problem of optimisation because of the big space that has many many prefabs, particle systems and etc. So, my biggest problem is combining a full and beautiful environment that can actually run without lagging because it is so heavy. For later versions most probably different prefabs will be triggered only when the player looks as them (raycast yey!) so that it is not so heavy on the machine.

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